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Viernes de R&B

Venga que ya es Viernes, para terminar bien la semana, os dejamos una lista de R&B, para empezar el finde con ganas.


1.- The Clovers  “Love Potion N.9”

2.- The Drifters  “Under The Boardwalk”

3.- Huey Piano Smith & His Clown “Don´t You Just Know It”

4.- H.B. Barnum “How Many More Times”

5.- Johnny Jenkins “The Big Bad Wolf”

6.- Joe Tex “I Wanna Be Free”

7.- Little Willie Jonh “Uh Uh Baby”

8.- The 5 Royales “Catch That Teadrop”

9.- Little Esther “Wild Wild Child”

10.- Charles Seffield “It´s Your Voodoo Working”

11.- Bobby Long “Jersey City”

12.- Jim Dickinson “Shake Em On Down”

13.- Elton Anderson “Sick And Tired”

14.- Lloyd Price “I Count The Tears”

15.- Nate Nelson “Tell Me Why”

16.- Carrie Grant & The Grandeurs “Mish Mash On Newtown”

17.- Miss Ann Fleming “You´re Just One Man”

18.- Jimmy Holland “Baby Don´t You Leave Me”

19.- Joe Carl “To Hot To Handle”

20.- Maurice Williams “Shaking And Breaking”

21.- The Coasters “Little Egypt”

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